Louis Baker

Louis Baker

Louis Baker

Chief Brand Ambassador

As head of marketing and the brand ambassador for CPG, Louis is passionate about telling the Creative Property Group story.  After his 20 years of financial services with Roth Capital, Mercer Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch and the Anodos Group, the multi-family office he co-founded,  Louis brings a unique skill set to marketing.  His business background combined with his creative engineering helps him find the most innovative ways to tell the story of your property.  

Louis Baker grew up in Newport Beach surfing 54th street, playing volleyball at the Balboa Bay Club and Bayshore Beach and has been in real estate management, development and sales for over 2o years.   Louis has built  and remodeled homes  in Bayshores, Irvine as well as Eastside Costa Mesa.  He was involved in the development of the House of Blues and Se’ hotel in San Diego and now is excited about his next project, www.live2nest.com.  He is re-inventing the middle market apartment space in coastal orange county.  

Louis is still actively involved in several companies as an advisor, investor, and principal through, www.companyculturevideo.com, his marketing venture capital firm.

He is the founder of fatherlessunite.org which helps kids turn a negative into a positive through Sports, Art and Music and is actively involved with Child Help.  Louis, wrote the personal development book “A Total Life” and the 2nd addition is coming out soon.

When he is not surfing, golfing or playing tennis, Louis loves to play music with his daughter, spend time with his family, and develop his FAN “Find Artist Network”.

If you know him you will know his two phrases:

“I’m Thankful”

“The Best is Yet to Come”